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 So Uncle had an appointment with the orthopedic specialist today and it turns out he definitely needs surgery for the broken wrist but also for the cut hand as well (to clean and fix it a bit).  It's been scheduled for next week.

Now another problem that has come up. I just had to stop my Grandma, she had slipped Miralax into Uncles drink (as he hasn't pooped in 3 days) and was going to give it to him. He has said many times that he doesn't want to take a laxative ( he's to embarrassed to have someone clean him). She keeps trying to guilt me into sneaking him some by saying "he's going to die!!"  

I pray this week goes by fast.


Jul. 7th, 2017 09:27 pm
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To start this post off, Grandma just let out a long and loud FART that had everyone diving away (or in the case of my sister, rolling away). 

So now on to the update. I was busy all the month of June, from getting sick,  then my period days later, to hitting my pinky toe against the sofa so hard this it bruised. And that was just a few days into the month! Our toilet then decided it didn't want to work for a bit and overflowed into the hallway. 3 1/2 HOURS!  The smell was terrible. I then had three out of town things that were unavoidable. The last two were back-to-back (one was 4 day Vacay) and ended this past Sunday.

Now that everything is over with, on Sunday I was like 'Awesomesauce!' ...until my sis was said "btw, I start summer school tomorrow (Monday)"  So now I'm waking up 45 min earlier to make her breakfast and a snack for class. A bit of a pain but I can deal; with this week done, she only has a week and a half left. Everything's good?


Yesterday (July 6) one of my uncles had an accident at work. He fell off a ladder and broke his wrist, injured his other hand (blocked a chainsaw; 29 stitches ), bumped his head, scrapes on his back (he landed on gravel). He's sore all over.

 With both hands out of use, he's staying with us. I'm not sure for how long. Job search (and life) is on hold for now (again) and as for fics, I will try to write or post when I can. Also, I just heard about photobucket, thankfully I had non-important pics there.

Pet Tax:

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 I have this routine of getting up and feeding my two dogs at 7am or 7:30am ( or somewhere in that timeframe). What I like about this time is that there's hardly anyone out on our street. Maybe the occasional guy leaving the woods, a late student, or a parent walking/pushing their kid in a stroller, but that's it. Its quiet and I've never had a problem since I started this routine....until today.

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 For reference these are the Cami's I wear to sleep. That's why I put a extra shirt on.

* My dogs thought I filled their bowls already because as soon as I walked toward the gate they ran to the porch looking for their food.
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I'm on dreamwidth. Same name. Will be posting there from now on. 
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Just spent a week marathoning Hawaii 50. I'm down to the last 2 eps of season 6, which i'm going to watch as soon as l log off LJ. I love this show and am sad that  A) Alex is leaving B) It might be cancled after season 8

On with the show!!
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I'm sorry i haven't posted an update about the job interview, it's just alot happend after that.

To start off, it would appear I didn't get the job. I was told by the interviewer that I would receive an email later that night or Friday if I got the job. I never did. But like I said, it's ok, I get to go on vacation. The hotel was booked months ago and this vacation was planned since March. So i was happy I get to go.

Now I was going to post that Saturday, June 11, but having been out  of town and getting home exhausted, I thought " I'll post that tomorrow". Well, you know what happend Sunday. I felt that posting about a possible job just hours after such a great loss of life and the events before and after would be disrespectful.

So I waited a week, only to get my period. Spent like three days in bed and in pain.

Sunday, June 19, my periond ends and because i'm busy that morining and afternoon and won't get home till after 6pm (I'm at a someone's house with 20 other people) , I figure i'll just post it that night. Around 5pm I get a text from my sister that actor Anton Yelchin has died. I don't believe it at first (thinking it's a hoax) so i google it. It was true. I had a hard time keeping it together at that moment. His death hit me hard because A) how young he was B) how he died and C) the fact that he was in a series that I liked 'Star Trek'.  For days after his death, even now, there is this overwhelming sadness and guilt. Sadness because he was an only child, how much his parents loved him, and how in pain he must have felt. For the guilt I can't explain. I was nowhere near California when he died ( I live in FL), I was asleep when it happened. Maybe it's because i didn't pray hard enough? Either way i'm trying to work through these feelings but this month has been crazy and it's just left me emotionally drained.

I hope and pray that next month will be better.  

Job Update

Jun. 9th, 2016 03:10 pm
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I have a Dollar General interview in a few hours! Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting anything to happen when I applied back in early May.
Don't get me wrong, I need a job (Obama care), but it's like

In May I have had vacation plans made, three of those are unavoidable (if push comes to shove, I won't take the job) but the other four I can drop-out. I don't want anything fancy a part-time job will be okay. But still WHY NOW! I just made plans to meet up with some one Friday.  I'm freaking out right now!
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My progress so far on the 4th Doctors scarf

The scarf i'm making for my cousin. Sorry about the light; yarn color is red heart cherry red and red heart black
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Its hard to write this, but the joy i used to have in reading fandom fanfics has just left.  I mean I have this want and urge to write...but just not fandom fanfics. I want to write original stories but idk (look at my first attempt at fanfic ).

Speaking of fanfics, last year I made this post , I still plan on finishing that First Contact/Merlin fic, I just have to sit my butt down a finish the chap. 2,3, and 4. The Vikings fic is more advanced in planning then the ST/Merlin fic is. I have the plot down and about 2 to 3 pages of notes done , I just have to start it. I know what i said in the first paragraph but these have been on my mind and i just want to get them done and over with so I can move on.

I'm kitting! Yay! I have 3 WIP. I'm making a simple green hat, a scarf for my cousin and the 4th Doctors scarf. My tablet is being a pain and won't let me upload the pics using a usb cable. I will upload them before the month ends.

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Still no job but i'll keep trying.

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For starters, I turned 24 last month and I have never had a job.  Yeah, the last one I know, but you have to know that I live with with my grandparents ( my fathers trailer is to small for me and my sister to live with him) and uncles (grandparents oldest sons). My grandparents are in their 80s and uncle M is blind in his left eye and disabled. The only one in the house that works is uncle D. Even though my aunts live close by, they hardly ever visit. I haven't looked for a job till now because if I do get one, whose going to look after them while i'm gone?          

  Last year my grandma got a total knee replacement and now she can walk and do more then she could before the surgery.

Now to the reason i'm writing this. Last week a member of my family told me that the after school program she works for was in need of people. The way she said it, I thought it was for watching kids after school. She urged me to apply saying that since i'm good with kids ( I babysat a child thats known as 'the demon child' for 8 months) and i'd be great for the job; so i did. What she didn't tell me was that not only were they looking for people still going to school but it was a tutoring job. I found all this out when i went in for a interview yesterday.

I did my best to keep call but it was embarrassing saying no when she asked me if i had any employment history other than babysitting.

Part of me is thinking that she did this to humiliate me (her family and my sister are not on speaking terms). And I'm trying to tell myself that that thought is ridiculous but..... how could she not tell me it was for a tutoring job? I asked her what it was for but she just told me it was for watching kids after school.

Anyway i'm going to apply for a job at General Dollar.

Never mind

Oct. 5th, 2015 08:00 am
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Off to sleep now
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I feel that if i post updates here on Lj, it will motivate me to write more. So...

  • I signed up for Reel Torchwood. My movie choice was Night at the Museum. I think i'm doing ok with it.

  • The first chapter of a Star Trek First Contact/Merlin fusion fic is done (working on the second) but I want it to be at least halfway done before i start posting anything.   2 yrs.  I have been trying to write this fic for 2 effing years.

  • Almost done with the first draft of a timeline i'm making for a Vikings fic I want to write. I say first draft because I know that I'm going to change somethings in it. I just need to see if and how the plot will move from one event to another.

  • I'm also attempting to make a 4th Doctors Scarf.  

My progress so far
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I would go to Paris first. Spend a few days there then go to Wales, then London, then Italy.

I write...

Jul. 26th, 2015 05:41 pm
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I have written 700+ (its going to be 1000+ when finished) word fanfic for the Flash fandom.  I'm so happy. When its finished (soon) I will post it.
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Its July 26, 2015 and I'm still not over Athelstans death!

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Holy Cheese! I haven't posted things in like a year! I promise i will try to post regularly.
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