Jul. 12th, 2011 08:37 pm
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Here is a proper welcome to my journal.

I'm janto_teagirl. I'm 19 and this Nov. I will be 20. I love Doctor who and Torchwood (well season 1 & 2) and any other sci-fi show. I'm a sci-fi geek. I am hispanic and can speak English (just can't spell), little Spanish but mostly understand it, i'm currently learning Welsh and can say the basics 'hello', 'how are you', 'where is the toilet'. I can curse and insult in some diffrent languages.
I am a Janto shipper and I love gwen bashing stories. I know Jack and Ianto love each other and nothing rtd and eve m. or any other pro gwen person will change my mind. Jack and Ianto where made for each other.

I love of  the Doctor who companions Donna, Sarah Jane, and Ace. 10 is my Doctor. I'm a Doctor x Master shipper and Doctor x Donna Friend shipper.

For Torchwood Coe I don't believe it as canon and for me the shows canon stopped at Fragments.
As for Miracle Crap or as i like to call it Miracle Shit, I won't watch it. I will respect other peoples view that want to watch it but like i said I won't watch it.

I like Glee as well and i'm waiting for some one to do a GleexTorchwood fic where Kurt is the son of Jack and Ianto.

And i love cats!
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Bore Da. I'm janto_teagirl. I forgot to put the 's' in janto. Sorry.

I have so many Torchwood story ideas and I have writen down in my composition book. I have 2 GleexTorchood crossover fics in mind and have already started to write one of them. 

Sorry to cut short but i have to go to town right now. Will write more when i get back


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