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I'm sorry i haven't posted an update about the job interview, it's just alot happend after that.

To start off, it would appear I didn't get the job. I was told by the interviewer that I would receive an email later that night or Friday if I got the job. I never did. But like I said, it's ok, I get to go on vacation. The hotel was booked months ago and this vacation was planned since March. So i was happy I get to go.

Now I was going to post that Saturday, June 11, but having been out  of town and getting home exhausted, I thought " I'll post that tomorrow". Well, you know what happend Sunday. I felt that posting about a possible job just hours after such a great loss of life and the events before and after would be disrespectful.

So I waited a week, only to get my period. Spent like three days in bed and in pain.

Sunday, June 19, my periond ends and because i'm busy that morining and afternoon and won't get home till after 6pm (I'm at a someone's house with 20 other people) , I figure i'll just post it that night. Around 5pm I get a text from my sister that actor Anton Yelchin has died. I don't believe it at first (thinking it's a hoax) so i google it. It was true. I had a hard time keeping it together at that moment. His death hit me hard because A) how young he was B) how he died and C) the fact that he was in a series that I liked 'Star Trek'.  For days after his death, even now, there is this overwhelming sadness and guilt. Sadness because he was an only child, how much his parents loved him, and how in pain he must have felt. For the guilt I can't explain. I was nowhere near California when he died ( I live in FL), I was asleep when it happened. Maybe it's because i didn't pray hard enough? Either way i'm trying to work through these feelings but this month has been crazy and it's just left me emotionally drained.

I hope and pray that next month will be better.  
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For starters, I turned 24 last month and I have never had a job.  Yeah, the last one I know, but you have to know that I live with with my grandparents ( my fathers trailer is to small for me and my sister to live with him) and uncles (grandparents oldest sons). My grandparents are in their 80s and uncle M is blind in his left eye and disabled. The only one in the house that works is uncle D. Even though my aunts live close by, they hardly ever visit. I haven't looked for a job till now because if I do get one, whose going to look after them while i'm gone?          

  Last year my grandma got a total knee replacement and now she can walk and do more then she could before the surgery.

Now to the reason i'm writing this. Last week a member of my family told me that the after school program she works for was in need of people. The way she said it, I thought it was for watching kids after school. She urged me to apply saying that since i'm good with kids ( I babysat a child thats known as 'the demon child' for 8 months) and i'd be great for the job; so i did. What she didn't tell me was that not only were they looking for people still going to school but it was a tutoring job. I found all this out when i went in for a interview yesterday.

I did my best to keep call but it was embarrassing saying no when she asked me if i had any employment history other than babysitting.

Part of me is thinking that she did this to humiliate me (her family and my sister are not on speaking terms). And I'm trying to tell myself that that thought is ridiculous but..... how could she not tell me it was for a tutoring job? I asked her what it was for but she just told me it was for watching kids after school.

Anyway i'm going to apply for a job at General Dollar.
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I won't say any spoilers for the recent ep of Family Guy but MSN had a list of TV shows that axed major characters and guess who was #23 on the list.

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Over the past months i have bought:
  • 8 kitchen towels
  • 12 pot holders
  • 1 oven mitt
  • 1 mug

All of them coffee or tea related; 6 of the 12 pot holders are of the same designs. Every time i see one that has the coffee or tea theme i can't stop thinking of Ianto and Torchwood and the next thing i know, i'm paying at the register for my new pot holders or towels.

Ugh..i don't have a kitchen of my own, but their cute.

I can't post photos of them because the cord that connects my camera to my computer is lost but when i find it, i'll post. 
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I've had this DS game, Animal Crossing, since 2005 and its been about 2 or 3 yrs. since i last played it. So when i started to play it  3wks. ago, I decided to start new and completely erase everything. Even renaming the town Cardiff. (Torchwood, blame it)

Of all characters in the game, guess who i first meet?


In the town of Cardiff.

Accoording to the Animal Crossing Wiki page  here she is a snooty villager. Since the reset I have been trying to get rid of her but she won't leave. She keeps asking me to do these favors for her (tasks, deliveries, and buying stuff from her) and i tell her no and call her names but shes still there. She keeps saying she wants to visit my house.

P.S.  Hello, its been a long time since i posted anything and i'm sorry. RL has been a bitch, from an ongoing family drama (going on 2yrs.) between my uncle's family and their oldest daughter, to almost losing my dog, to a nasty fight with my close cousin; Do to these and many more, I was either unmotivated or busy.

Not anymore. I'm working on 3 different fics right now.  Torchwood. Merlin. Star Trek(2009).


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