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So, last week my little sister went with all the 8th graders at her middle school to the high school across the street for the 9th grade orientation. From what she told me, there were booths there for different clubs and electives that the student could look at to see what they want to take next next year.

Heaven help me. All I got from Bubbles is that she looked at the yearbook club. She wanted to look into Criminal Justice, but the student behind the table gave her a look so she walked away. Only 1 club. I knew i should have gone with her.

Moving on, she came home with a list of electives (about 19) she could take next year. Of those 19 she had to choose only 4 and then number them 1-4(1 being the one you want to take the most). Even before showing us the list, she had marked Criminal Justice as her 1st choice. When uncle found out he wasn't happy. He kept telling her to change it to some thing useful. I was like it is useful, for when you want to get away with a crime. My guess is that watching Sherlock might have influenced her and if she wanted to take the class I would have been supportive of her decision. You only get to go to High School once. Heck I would have taken the class had I gone to High School.

They kept arguing about it until one day I had enough. I talked about which of these electives might come in handy later with her and we (she and I, but mostly her) choose the 4.

They are (but not in chosen order):

Web Tech*

*It's a 3yr. course.

I'm a bit uneasy about sending her to High School, what with all the things i'm starting to hear about it. Not to mention the increased deaths.
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