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Jul. 7th, 2017 09:27 pm
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To start this post off, Grandma just let out a long and loud FART that had everyone diving away (or in the case of my sister, rolling away). 

So now on to the update. I was busy all the month of June, from getting sick,  then my period days later, to hitting my pinky toe against the sofa so hard this it bruised. And that was just a few days into the month! Our toilet then decided it didn't want to work for a bit and overflowed into the hallway. 3 1/2 HOURS!  The smell was terrible. I then had three out of town things that were unavoidable. The last two were back-to-back (one was 4 day Vacay) and ended this past Sunday.

Now that everything is over with, on Sunday I was like 'Awesomesauce!' ...until my sis was said "btw, I start summer school tomorrow (Monday)"  So now I'm waking up 45 min earlier to make her breakfast and a snack for class. A bit of a pain but I can deal; with this week done, she only has a week and a half left. Everything's good?


Yesterday (July 6) one of my uncles had an accident at work. He fell off a ladder and broke his wrist, injured his other hand (blocked a chainsaw; 29 stitches ), bumped his head, scrapes on his back (he landed on gravel). He's sore all over.

 With both hands out of use, he's staying with us. I'm not sure for how long. Job search (and life) is on hold for now (again) and as for fics, I will try to write or post when I can. Also, I just heard about photobucket, thankfully I had non-important pics there.

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